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  April 2015
5G Technology to Benefit Cyber Physical Systems
Prototyping, Designing with FPGA Boards Made Affordable and Absorbing
Tele-immersion: The Death of Distance
The Making of a Radio-Controlled Plane
Your Phone, Your Network, Your Apps: Everything Would Change by 2020

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  March 2015
Electronically Overhauling the Homo Sapien
Touch-Screen, Wireless and Detachable Displays Make Modern Multimeters Exciting
Pretty and Purposeful Wearables
Stridalyzer: A Uniquely-Designed Wearable for Runners
What You Ought to Know About Designing Memory into Embedded Systems

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  February 2015
3D Printing: Out of This World and Into Your Bodies
Handheld Instruments: Low-Cost, Rugged Solution for Field and Lab
Amazing Advances in 3D Printing And the Cause for Concern
Emerging Radar Technology: Real-Time Through-the-Wall Surveillance
Towards an Extra Layer of Security: Activating Two-Factor Authentication (Part 2 of 3)

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  January 2015
Is Application Knowledge Enough to Buy the Right Programmable Power Supply
Internet of Things and Big Data: Predict and Change The Future
Blue Brain: World’s First Virtual Brain
Physics Nobel Prize 2014 for LEDs as Future Lighting Devices
Internet of Things, Made in India

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