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Electronics For You - July  2017

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Table of Contents
Decision Makersí connect
Green Mobility Policy and Industry Drivers
Smart World
virtual reality: Get The First Mover Advantage
Smart World
3 Ways Big Data Analytics Can Go Horribly Wrong
Smart World
Navigate Your Way To Success With Google Maps
Smart World
Deep Learning For Deeper Employee Engagement
How Technology Is Helping Specially-Abled People
Tech Focus
Building A Future With 5G
Developer Board Trends For Industrial Applications
. One charger for your Android and Apple devices . Transform any laptop screen into a touchscreen . True wireless charging . Affordable 3D printer for fun . Modular, customisable drone . Computer with built-in 3D scanner
Aurassure: Air Quality Monitoring To Keep Environment Clean
The Art Of Design For Manufactur
Cleaning Silently With Sound Waves
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