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Electronics For You - September  2017

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Table of Contents
Decision Makers’ Connect
Green Technology India’s Defence Sector Focusing on Indigenous and Green Technologies
Tech Focus
The Evolution Of Industrial Revolution—IIoT
Towards Soft Electronics For Shape-Shifting Circuits
Innovation In Every Sphere Of Life
.Smart pan that lets you cook perfectly .MEMS microphone to voice-activate battery-powered devices .Keep fit with this Wi-Fi smart weighing scale .Remotely control your washer-dryer with this Wi-Fi adaptor .3D printer priced below $100 .Anyone can play music with this soft cube
Heat-Blocking Features Imaged By Ultrasound
Embracing The New Input
Cost Versus Power In Lighting And Some Suitable Solutions
LeChal: Hi-tech Shoes That Show the Route
Smart World
Smart POS: On-The-Go Money-Maker
Smart World
PIR Sensors To Reduce Electricity Wastage
Smart World
Retrofit LED Tubes For Energy-Efficient Lighting
Power Supply
Rapid-Charging Micro-Supercapacitors For Portable Devices
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